Vytorin (ezetimibe simvastatin)

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Vytorin is a compound medication of the prescription statin Zocor and the medication Zetia, and is used as adjunct therapy to reduce cholesterol in patients with elevated total cholesterol.  Vytorin works to reduce triglycerides as well as cholesterol when combined with a cholesterol-lowering diet.  Vytorin especially targets patients who are unable to lower their LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol by diet alone.  In addition, Vytorin raises patients’ HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol.  Vytorin and Zetia are manufactured in a collaborative effort by Merck and Schering-Plough, and are among the highest selling drugs in the world.

Vytorin Advisory Information

Vytorin patients who experience muscle pains, joint pains, muscle tenderness or fatigue should report these symptoms to their physician immediately, as this may be a sign of a serious reaction to the drug. Accordingly, patients with renal insufficiency should exercise caution while taking Vytorin because of potential complications with the kidneys.  Don't discontinue treatment with Vytorin until consulting with your primary care physician. 

Vytorin History

July 2008

A second study was published about the cholesterol drug Vytorin.  In a trial entitled the SEAS trial, scientists reported that the drug was not beneficial to people with heart valve problems.  Additionally, the drug appeared to increase the risk of cancer in a statistically significant number of patients.  Scientists hastened to caution further studies were necessary to investigate the incidence of cancer in patients on Vytorin therapy.

Publication of more bad news for the drug arrived just six months after the release of the blockbuster ENHANCE trial, which first placed the drug's efficacy into question and stirred immense controversy surrounding prescription of Vytorin. 

January 2008

Results of a clinical trial of Zetia were released that demonstrated no benefit to patients taking the drug.  Over half of Zetia patients took the drug in the form of Vytorin, which combines Zetia with Zocor, another popular cholesterol fighting statin. 

In the clinical trial of Vytorin, of which Zetia is a component drug, the results demonstrated that patients actually had worse fatty plaque growths in blood vessels than without the drug.  Some of the participants in the clinical trial received Zetia in the form of Vytorin, and some took Zocor exclusively.  Those patients with high cholesterol taking Zocor exclusively actually fared better than those taking Vytorin.

November 2007

In 2007, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices and the Division of Public Health Sciences, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, conducted a longitudinal Adverse Events Reporting System Review of the U.S. FDA's most dangerous drugs. The study found Zocor to be one of the most dangerous drugs on the market with one of the highest numbers of adverse drug event reports.  Zocor was the fourteenth most dangerous drug in the study, according to the FDA reports.  Over the eight years of the study, Zocor was found to have caused over 3,800 adverse events requiring medical treatment.

June 2003

Schering-Plough altered the label for Zetia, a component drug of Vytorin, to include a warning that it may be associated with allergic reactions, including angioedema, a skin disease characterized by patches of swelling of the hands, feet, lips and eyelids. Patients suffering from angioedema often experience swelling of the mucous membranes and the internal organs of the body. Breathing is sometimes difficult, and in severe cases the disease can be fatal. Severe skin rashes have been linked to Zetia therapy.

Vytorin Drug Injury

If you are taking Vytorin and you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, you should report them to your physician immediately.  Do not discontinue use of Vytorin without first checking with your physician for alternative therapies to control high serum cholesterol.  Additionally, you may wish to speak to an attorney to find out what legal rememdies you have.

Attorneys associated with InjuryBoard are reviewing cases of drug injury related to Vytorin, Zetia, and Zocor, and will review your case free of charge.  If you have experienced deleterious side effects from Vytorin, Zetia (ezetimibe), or Zocor (simvastatin), please click on the box on the right hand side of the page to speak to an attorney today.  Please remember that there are time constraints within which you must bring suit.     

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