Thomas & Friends Toy Train Recall

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Toy Train Recall: Train Sets Contain Lead Paint

The Consumer Products Safety Commission has announced a voluntary recall of over 1.5 million Thomas & Friends wooden toys and train sets, citing lead paint as the health concern for children. Fears of lead poisoning prompted the international toy distributor, the RC2 Corporation, to issue the recall when the company discovered that surface paint on train sets and related toy items imported from China and sold in the U.S. contained lead. Lead is a heavy metal, a neurotoxic element that accumulates in human tissue after repeated exposure, and is particularly susceptible to ingestion.

The CPSC exhorted parents to remove the recalled train sets and toys, and to discard them immediately. The recall affects about 4% of all train sets that RC2 sells in the U.S. So far there have been no reports of any injuries due to the lead paint on the toys. The recall adds to a growing list of Chinese manufactured products that have caused alarm in the United States over 2006-2007.

The CPSC has heightened its oversight of goods entering the country from China due to concerns over lax regulatory agencies in that country. The competing commercial interests of safe production and inexpensive goods have not yet found a happy medium in China’s burgeoning economy, and this competition often has unhappy results for consumers.

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