Teen Driving Watch Program

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Teen Driving Watch Program'''

TeenDriving Watch is a program designed to help teens develop a collective awareness about the need for safe driving.  Developed by a high school teacher in Southern California, the program is a kind of “neighborhoodwatch on wheels.

Teenagers enroll in Teen Driving Watch by selecting a bumper sticker particular to their car only:  the bumper sticker essentially states, “How’s my driving? Call 1800-555-xxxx.”  The message digitally recorded from a caller is then conveyed to parents in around ten seconds.  All the calls that are recorded to Teen Driving Watch’s switchboard are anonymous.  Given that parents hear the exact recording of the caller themselves registering the driving complaint about their teen, the parents alone are left to establish the severity of the complaint and can thus mete out the appropriate punishment.

Peer pressure on teens to drive with reckless abandon can be quite severe and the potential personal injuries from ensuing car accidents deadly, therefore it makes sense to adopt a drivingcontract with your teen. The directors of the program hasten to point out that there are many weaknesses associated with a driving contract, but that the contract is nonetheless a very important step toward protecting teens on the road.  Many parents lose their children every year to careless driving, and taking action with a teen driving contract can help make a difference.

In the grand scheme the program hopes to reduce the number of auto accidents and fatalities associated with motor vehicle accidents. If you have been injured as a result of a car accident it may be important to consult with an attorneyInjuryBoard attorneys will handle your case free of charge.  Please fill out the form on your right hand side.  Time constraints may bear on your case, so do not hesitate.

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