Seizures: Overview

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Nearly one million Americans suffer from some form of seizure disorder. There are several types of seizures, ranging from the "grand mal" during which the victim may flail uncontrollably, to the "simple" where the victim may just "zone out" momentarily or experience a temporary twitch in a muscle or limb. We are perhaps most familiar with the grand mal version which is by far the more disturbing to witness. During a grand mal seizure, the victim may further injure himself or others by colliding with surrounding people or objects.

Seizure sufferers can sometimes tell when they are about to suffer a seizure. There are certain pre-seizure symptoms called "auras" which are predictors of an imminent seizure. These indicators or "auras" may include a sudden change involving the sense of sight and / or smell. A variety of medical conditions can cause seizures. For instance, neurons agitated by scar tissue left behind as the result of a traumatic brain injury have been shown to increase the risk of seizure.

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