Rezulin / Troglitazone

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Rezulin is a drug used to treat and control the effects of adult-onset or Type II diabetes. Manufactured by Warner-Lambert Co., the drug was approved by the FDA in January 1997. Rezulin was used by Type II diabetics to control insulin resistance, the main cause of Type II diabetes.

In late 1997 Great Britain removed Rezulin from the market after several people were hospitalized with liver failure after taking the drug. The FDA did not remove the drug from the U.S. market until 2000. The FDA suspects that Rezulin may have been involved in over 400 deaths. There are also concerns that Rezulin may cause certain heart problems. Rezulin and cirrhosis have also been linked.

To date, numerous lawsuits have been filed against Rezulin's manufacturer. See your doctor if you have experienced serious side effects associated with Rezulin. In addition, it may be important to contact an attorney who can help you protect your legal rights. Please keep in mind that there may be time limits within which you must commence suit.

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