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Manufacturers of some of the world's most respected cold and cough medications have been reeling recently from the fallout of the Food and Drug Administration's finding that the primary ingredient in many popular over-the-counter drugs, Phenylpropanolamine or "PPA," may be unreasonably dangerous. PPA is used in such popular cold medicines as Contac 12, Alka Seltzer Plus, Tavist-D, Triaminic, Dimetapp, Robitussin, and Triaminic. PPA is also found in weight loss products such as Dexatrim and Acutrim.

The FDA's studies have shown an increased risk of stroke associated with PPA. While currently the PPA recall is voluntary, the FDA is in the process of formulating an official and mandatory policy to ban PPA within the next several months. PPA has been associated with strokes in women under 50. Most of the strokes began with a severe headache, stiff neck, and some loss of consciousness. The headaches are often precursors to stroke and can occur several days before the full onset of stroke. Although rare, the strokes caused by PPA are likely to be severe and fatal. Many of the young women who experienced a stroke did so after only one dose of Phenylpropanolamine or PPA. The FDA estimates that annually between 200 and 500 strokes are associated with using products that contain PPA. Typically, the stroke occurs within three days of ingesting PPA. The most likely type of stroke associated with PPA is referred to as the hemorrhagic stroke, which involves bleeding in the brain.

Some name brand products that contain PPA include:

Acutrim 16-Hour Tablets
Acutrim Gum
Acutrim Max Tablets
Alka Seltzer Plus Children's
Alka Seltzer Plus Cold & Cough
Alka Seltzer Plus Cold
Alka Seltzer Plus Cold Cherry
Alka Seltzer Plus Cold Orange
Alka Seltzer Plus Cold/Sinus
Alka Seltzer Plus Cough/Cold
Alka Seltzer Plus Flu Tabs
Alka Seltzer Plus NT
Alka Seltzer Plus Sinus
BC Allergy Sinus Powder
Comtrex Deep Chest
Comtrex Flu Day/Night
Comtrex ND Liquigel
Contac Capsules
Coricidin C Tabs
Dexatrim Caffeine Free Caplet
Dexatrim Caplet with C
Dexatrim EX Duration Tab
Dexatrim EX Duration Tablet
Dexatrim Gelcaps
Dimetapp Chew Tabs
Dimetapp Cold & Cough
Dimetapp DM Elixir
Dimetapp Elixir
Dimetapp Extentabs
Dimetapp Quick Tabs
Dimetapp 4-Hour Liquigels
Naldcn-Dx Adult Syrup
Naldcn-Dx Child Syrup
Naldcn-Dx Drops
Permathene-16 Hour Tablet
Robitussin CF
Tavist D
Tavist D Tablets
Thinz Span Capsules
Triaminic Chest & Congestion
Triaminic Cough
Triminic Cold & Allergy
Triminicol C & C

Other products may contain PPA and InjuryBoard.com cannot guarantee that the above list is exhaustive. See your doctor if you have experienced serious health problems caused by PPA. In addition, it may be important to contact a PPA side effects lawyer who can help you protect your legal rights. Please keep in mind that there may be time limits within which you must commence suit.

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