Mammogram Errors

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A mammogram is an X ray that is used to screen for breast cancer and other breast abnormalities. Many doctors recommend that women undergo routine mammogram testing after the age of forty. The mammogram is not perfect, and health experts encourage women to conduct monthly breast self-exams and undergo annual breast exams by a medical professional. Occassionally such medical professionals (radiologists, doctors, nurses) fail to properly read and analyze the results of mammograms. Such mistakes can prove deadly and may lead to medical malpractice lawsuits against the negligent medical professional.

In a recent case, a Massachusetts woman was awarded $5.5 million after her radiologist failed to discover a cancerous growth in her breast. The woman had undergone a mammogram in which her radiologist gave her a clean bill of health. Six months later she discovered a lump in her breast while conducting a self-examination. The jury determined that the radiologist was negligent in not discovering the stage three tumor during his review of her mammogram. Unfortunately, after a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation, the woman's cancer has metastasized and spread to her lymph nodes and ribs. Had her radiologist properly interpreted the mammogram results, the woman would likely have a much greater chance of survival.

Such delays in diagnosing breast cancer are not uncommon. For instance, a Florida jury recently awarded a 56-year-old woman $3.35 million after her doctor overlooked the telltale signs of breast cancer depicted in her mammogram. In a similar case from Texas, a jury awarded a 60-year-old woman $3.9 million after her doctor failed to detect her breast cancer despite two mammograms which clearly revealed the presence of the disease.

Doctors and radiologists are not the only medical professionals that may be liable with regard to mammogram errors. Occasionally, nurses and technicians who administer the tests do so improperly, causing results to be erroneous.

If you or a loved one have experienced a delay in diagnosing breast cancer, it may be important to contact an attorney who can help you protect your legal rights. Please keep in mind that there may be time limits within which you must commence suit.

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