How Do I Choose the Right Personal Injury Attorney or Law Firm For Me?

Modified on 2009/11/06 21:09 by Angus Hinson
Are you confused by all of the yellow page ads for attorneys? How about all of those television commercials? If you follow these guidelines, you will make your search much easier and it will relieve some of the anxiety in your search.

In choosing a lawyer, take the time to compare law firms and attorneys in your area. The internet is a great resource to use to research attorneys and their areas of practice. Generally speaking, you want someone with enough experience under their belt to overcome any issues that might arise while handling your case.

  • Choose an attorney whose specialization is in personal injury cases. There are many who represent personal injury clients as well as other practice areas, such as divorce, criminal defense or real estate. Choose one whose practice is devoted to personal injury claims. A “general” attorney or “part-time attorney” will not be the right kind.

  • Choose an attorney who has an expertise in the field of personal injury law. There are several types of law for an attorney to claim specialty in. No one is good at EVERYTHING.

  • Choose an attorney who focuses on the medicine involved in your case. You would be quite surprised at just how many attorneys claim that they are specialists in personal injury who have very little understanding of the medicine and treatment involved with the client's injury. For example, take a case involving neck and back injuries. These types of injuries can be difficult to prove in court because spine medicine is extremely complex and the diagnostic imaging may show very little or nothing at all. Yet, this area of medicine has also undergone enormous strides and advances just in the last ten years. There are now new diagnoses in the area of spine medicine that literally did not exist a few years ago, not to mention new treatments and minimally invasive procedures that have been created due to advancements in technology.

  • Choose an attorney who actually goes to trial. To understand why this is such an extremely important factor when choosing an attorney, you have to understand the business of insurance and why claims are settled. Essentially, the insurance company is in the business of "risk." That is, it accepts your money with the promise that it will pay you money if you encounter certain risks of harm or damage. The risks are usually low, which is why the insurance company can earn enormous profits.

Many people ask friends and family members. If they have had experience with an attorney, good or bad, they may be able to provide some insight. Others ask attorneys they know for recommendations. Other lawyers typically have some knowledge of who the competent and good lawyers are. Some people even ask judges. Judges see attorneys in action.

Today, there is another way to select an attorney: interact with the attorney online. With Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, Twitter, YouTube, etc., there are so many ways you can get to know your potential attorney. You can read their website. You can e-mail them. You can look up their testimonials. You can even see them live through video if they have it.

In this day and age, don't select your attorney from a simple commercial. Your case is too important to hire an attorney strictly based upon a sound bite. Interview your attorney - if not in person, do it online. Ask them about their experience. Ask them if they feel comfortable about providing names of other quality attorneys. If they don't, maybe you should keep searching.

There are many more guidelines to choosing an attorney, but these should get you started.
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