Hip Replacement Surgery & Implant Recalls

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artificial hip joint

artificial hip joint

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Hip replacement surgery is performed on approximately 120,000 Americans annually. Hip replacement surgery is a major procedure requiring one to two hours to complete and three to six months of rehabilitation. The procedure may be necessary when the hip joint deteriorates. Such deterioration is most commonly due to osteoporosis, but can also be caused by arthritis, injury, or tumor.

During the procedure, the surgeon removes the deteriorated hip socket and the top of the femur. The surgeon replaces these components with the artificial hip (prosthesis). The tendons and muscles are then placed back against the bone and prosthesis.

Approximately 10% percent of hip replacement patients must undergo revision surgery at some point in the future. Revision procedures may be necessary when the artificial hip is defective or becomes worn after several years of use.

View sub-topics at right to learn more about some specific hip replacement devices, including the Sulzer and St. Gobain recalls, and information about the Durom Cup Artificial Hip. 

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