Head Injury

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A head injury is a trauma to the head, which may or may not cause damage to the brain. All head injuries have the potential to cause serious harm, such as communicative, cognitive, behavioral or sensory processing problems. In serious head injury cases, the damage can be even worse, including stupors, comas, vegetative states or death. The harm from a head injury may happen directly upon impact or afterward as a result of swelling and excessive bleeding of the brain. Car accidents are by far the most frequent cause of head injuries, but other causes can include sports mishaps, daycare abuse, a slip or fall and violent behavior.

The effects of a head injury can be devastating. A head injury can be open, as the result of a skull fracture or a closed, in which the skull is not broken. A penetrating head injury is when an object breaks through the skull. Specific problems of head injuries include:
    •  cuts or bruises to the scalp
    •  a skull fracture
    •  bleeding in the brain region
    •  cerebral contusion
    •  concussion
    •  dementia
    •  coma or death.

In some cases of head injury, damage to the brain may not be immediately apparent. Therefore, be cautious of the following symptoms:
    •  confusion
    •  loss of consciousness
    •  drowsiness
    •  headaches
    •  seizures
    •  behavioral changes.

Treatment for head injuries may include diagnostic evaluations, surgery, drugs, and rehabilitation. In severe cases, a complete team of caretakers can be necessary. With a head injury, getting the proper medical care in a timely fashion is important to a patient’s recovery. Consequently, if you or someone you know has suffered from a head injury, it is vital to seek medical treatment immediately.

If these injuries were sustained due to someone else's negligence or criminal misconduct it is also very important to consult with an experienced head injury lawyer who can help you to exercise  your legal rights as a victim. Please know that head injuries are subject to statutes of limitations, which are time restrictions in which the claim can be filed in court. Therefore, it is important to act fast and consult with a qualified head injury attorney who can review your case and protect your legal rights.

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