Fisher-Price Toy Recall

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Fisher-Price Recalls 1 Million Toys Due to Lead Paint

The CPSC and Fisher-Price Inc., a subsidiary of Mattel Inc., have announced a recall of about 967,000 toys because the surface paint contains excessive amounts of lead. Lead is toxic and if it is ingested by children it can cause health problems.

Paint on toys and other products can not have more than 0.06% lead content according to the CSPC. Products with an excess amount of lead are subject to recall.

The recall includes 83 different types of toys, such as Sesame Street characters and Dora the Explorer toys. The recalled toys were made by a Chinese vendor and sold in the United States. The toys were available in stores nationwide from May 2007 to August 2007. Consumers should keep the recalled products away from children.

The toys and figurines were manufactured between April 19, 2007 and July 6, 2007 and are all marked with “Fisher-Price”. The recalled toys may have a date code between 109-7LF and 187-7LF which can be found on the packaging or the product.

The recall was “fast-tracked”, so Fisher-Price was able to quarantine almost two-thirds of the toys before they made it to stores. So far there have been no reported injuries.

For a full list of recalled products see this page.

Exposure to lead can cause brain and kidney damage, especially in young children. The symptoms of lead poisoning include nausea, headaches, constipation, seizures, and coma.

See a doctor if you or a loved one have experienced health problems from lead poisoning due to Fisher-Price toys. In addition, it may be important to contact an attorney who can help you protect you legal rights. Please keep in mind that there may be time limits within which you must commence suit.

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