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Zimmer Holdings, a leading manufacturer in orthopedic devices based in Warsaw, suspended the sale and distribution of its artificial hip device known as the Durom Acetabular Component, also better recognized as the Durom Cup.  In light of this 'soft recall', patients who have undergone hip replacement surgery should take notice.

Sales were suspended by the company in July 2008 amidst a flurry of complaints by doctors that the Durom Cup hip devices were failing far sooner than designed to fail. The Durom Cup hip replacement device was introduced in the United States in 2006, and has developed into a mainstay of hip resurfacing surgery.  The device is designed to last up to 15-20 years, but has been failing in patients after as few as three to six months. 

The company announced that arthroscopic surgery involving the Durom cup required a high degree of technological expertise known as hip resurfacing, a highly specialized surgical field, and asserted that only a small minority of patients implanted with the Durom Cup would need hip replacement surgery to remove the defective device.  Some surgeons estimate that the number may be closer to several hundred patients.  Approximately 12,000 patients have received surgery with the Durom Cup.

Medical Device Injury

 If you have experienced pain after hip resurfacing surgery or hip replacement surgery with the Durom Cup, then you should contact your surgeon or healthcare professional immediately, as this may be an indicator of a potentially serious surgical complication.  Additionally, you may need to speak to a medical device attorney about your rights. 

Experienced medical device attorneys are currently reviewing cases involving the Durom Cup Artificial Hip, and will review your case free of charge.  Please speak to an attorney associated with InjuryBoard today, as there are certain time limits which may affect your case.

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