Dexcool Coolant

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Dexcool is a formulated antifreeze/coolant used in over thirty-four million vehicles sold by General Motors. Used by GM since 1996 in most car and light truck models, Dexcool is manufactured and distributed by ChevronTexaco, Equilon and ChevronTexaco Global Lubricants.

Although Dexcool is marketed to last 5 years or 150,000 miles, consumers say the product is defective and damages vehicles.  Dexcool has been linked to corroded and clogged radiators and radiator caps, eroded water pumps, rotten radiator hoses, leaky cooling system gaskets, chronic overheating and engine damage.

A nationwide class settlement in this matter has already been reached by GM and the affected parties.  If your car uses AC Delco's Dexcool as an engine coolant, it is suggested that you have your mechanic flush your cooling system.  Dexcool degenerates into a nasty sludge after a sustained period of use, especially when mixed with other non-Dexcool coolants or exposed to oxygen.  Dexcool will corrode the entire cooling system, causing overheating and other serious damage to your automobile.

InjuryBoard is no longer reviewing Dexcool leads as of January 2008. If you are currently using Dexcool, we urge you to see your mechanic to have a complete system flush. Dexcool breaks down into a gooey mess in engines after sustained use, and should be replaced with a more durable, longer lasting coolant.    

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