Dealing with Insurance Adjusters

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After an accident, the last person you want to speak to is an insurance adjuster representing the responsible party. Unfortunately, once you make known your intention to file a claim, an adjuster will most likely contact you. Making a good impression during that meeting may prove beneficial when your claim is processed.

Following a few easy steps may ensure that your claim is processed in a timely manner. Starting off on the right foot is important. While you may want to lash out at the insurance company, being courteous is a better option. It is not the adjuster's fault that the responsible party caused your injuries and being rude will hurt more than help.

Another helpful recommendation is to always remember to obtain all of the adjuster's information, including his name, telephone number and what company he works for. Supply similar information about yourself but keep it limited to your name and address.

Information about the accident and your injuries should also be limited. Never provide more information than you need to. General descriptions are always recommended. Limiting the conversation may help you later on in the claim process.

Insurance adjusters are paid to spend the least amount of money possible when a claim is filed. They will often attempt to get you to settle your claim. This is never recommended. You could lose much more than you would have gained if you continued your claim.

One of the most important tips is to never sign anything. If an insurance company sends you forms, never sign them. You are not required to sign anything sent from another person's insurance company. If you do, you may be unintentionally granting the insurance company access to your confidential data.

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