Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC)

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Consumer Attorneys of California is a group of over three thousand consumer advocate attorneys who seek to right the wrongs of others through legal redress.  Consumer Attorneys of California strive to seek justice for all by securing the right to jury trial and by protecting the constitutional rights of injured persons. 

Consumer Attorneys of California actively resist the efforts of those who try to restrain consumer access to the courts.  CAOC encourages advances in the civil justice system by promoting consumer-friendly legislation and by supporting the public good through outreach efforts in the community.

The group members of CAOC seek to undermine the initiatives of big business to restrict justice for only the wealthiest Americans.  CAOC members actively campaign for civil justice using internet blogs, social media platforms, and YouTube to make the organization a stronger and more effective presence.

The CAOC works to preserve a jury’s right to evaluate damages in a personal injury case. The primary goal is to ensure that everyone has the ability to get legal redress for injuries incurred.  Consumer Attorneys of California has a vested interest in lobbying for consumer-friendly legislation.  

The group has a robust events calendar for plaintiffs’ attorneys with numerous monthly web seminars on aspects of practice of injury law.  Plaintiffs’ attorneys can opt to take advantage of some of the many continuing legal education opportunities available on the web site.  The group nominates a ‘Consumer Attorney of the Year’ award to the attorney that has achieved a significant judgment in a case resolved the previous year.

The CAOC has a lobbying team that represents member firms’ interests in the California state legislature.  CAOC member firms also are privy to a list server, which permits member firms to communicate with other attorneys on different areas of practice.

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