Confined Animal Feeding Operations: Overview

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In today's world of new technology and commercialization, many rural businesses, traditionally slow to innovate, are revolutionizing their competitive strategies in an effort to keep pace with society's demands. Unfortunately, progress sometimes brings unforeseen problems. This is no more evident than in America's rapidly evolving agriculture industry. Traditional family farms are being replaced by "confined animal feeding operations." With such "progress," the familiar images associated with rural farm life are rapidly disappearing.

Modern commercial livestock operations squeeze thousands of hogs and other animals into tightly confined spaces where the herds stand on metal planks awaiting the inevitable slaughter. A constant flow of manure streams off the slats and into nearby lagoons. Once these holding ponds reach capacity, the liquid waste is then sprayed onto the land. Health officials are increasingly concerned that tainted water from such commercial farming operations is drifting onto neighboring property and possibly contaminating groundwater supplies. Such pollution could present a major health hazard.

If you live in the vicinity of one of these commercial farms, you can fight back to protect your health and legal rights. For instance, class action lawsuits have recently been filed against major players in the hog and poultry industry, including Tyson Foods. The suits claim that Tyson and others do not comply with clean air and water regulations and are in direct violation of the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. In addition, Plaintiffs allege that confined animal feeding operations and other methods of modern farming are public nuisances, emitting fowl odors and infringing on the rights of neighboring property owners.

See your doctor if you live near one of these facilities and have experienced serious health problems. In addition, it may be important to contact an attorney who can help you protect your legal rights. Please keep in mind that there may be time limits within which you must commence suit.

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