Citrus Aurantium (Synephrine)

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Citrus Aurantium, also known as synephrine, is a herbal stimulant similar to ephedra. Citrus Aurantium extract comes from a fruit and is also known as green orange, sour orange, and bitter orange.

Health officials are concerned because of synephrine's structural similarity to ephedra. Ephedra has been shown to interact with the nervous system. Side effects of ephedra can include insomnia, nervousness, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, heart attack, seizure, stroke, and death. Ephedra may cause other health problems in addition to those listed above.

A September 2004 report published in Experimental Biology and Medicine says citrus aurantium may cause adverse health effects and is not an effective weight loss aid. The review, headed by researchers from Georgetown University Medical Center, found that the stimulant may have harmful cardiovascular effects, similar to ephedra.

See your doctor if you have experienced serious side effects associated with synephrine or a related supplement. In addition, it may be important to contact a lawyer who can help you protect your legal rights. Please keep in mind that there may be time limits within which you must commence suit.

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