Chrysler 2001 Dodge Caravan: Overview

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Chrysler's 2001 Dodge Caravan received the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's lowest crash rating after a fuel leak was found following crash tests. The focus of the test was to measure the protection provided to the minivan's occupants during a frontal crash. However, officials were surprised when they found a minor crack in a plastic fitting connecting the gas tank to the fuel pump. The crack could allow gasoline to leak, creating a very real fire risk.

To date, there are approximately 400,000 2001 Dodge Caravans on the road.

Chrysler downplayed the Institute's tests, and company representatives announced that, in 50 tests conducted by Chrysler, no such leak was found. The company is not recalling any of the minivans but has redesigned the fuel system in the 2002 models. Any 2001 models produced after July 6, 2001 will also benefit from the redesigned fuel system.

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