Chlorine Dioxide

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Chlorine dioxide is a yellow to reddish-yellow manufactured gas. It does not occur naturally in the environment. Chlorine dioxide is used as a bleach at paper manufacturing plants, and in public water treatment facilities to make water safe to drink. About 5% of the water treatment facilities serving more than 100,000 people in the United States use chlorine dioxide to treat drinking water.

In 2001, chlorine dioxide was used to decontaminate a number of public buildings following the release of anthrax spores in the United States.

When it reacts in water, chlorine dioxide forms chlorite ion, a compound which is also very reactive. Chlorite ions in water combine with metal ions to form soluble salts, like sodium chlorite.

High levels of chlorine dioxide can be irritating to the nose, eyes, throat, and lungs. Chlorine dioxide and chlorite have not been found in any of the 1,613 National Priorities List sites identified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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