Chinese Tire Recall

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Lawsuit Prompts Chinese Tire Recall  

Updated June 2007- A line of light tractor-trailer tires imported by a New Jersey tire trading company from China and faulted in a fatal car accident have been recalled. The tires, imported by Foreign Tire Sales of New Jersey, have an inadequate or missing gum strip which causes them to separate and split wide open. Accordingly, the importer has petitioned the assistance of the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in a recall of about 450,000 Chinese light truck tires across the U.S. Company officers’ claim they are unable to come by the wherewithal financially to carry out the recall by themselves.

The importing company, Foreign Tire Sales, of Union, N.J., only came forward after being named as a defendant in a wrongful death suit. The case involved two men who were killed in a tractor-trailer accident when the van they were travelling in rolled over. Their lawyers asserted that the accident occurred as a result of tread separation, similar to the tread separation problems with Firestone tires in 2000 and 2006.

The Chinese tires are manufactured at the Hangzhou Zhongce rubber plant, and officials there apparently decided to remove a safety mechanism from the tires for production, resulting in reduced durability. The company officials, for their part, did not see the need to alert NHTSA officials about the tire tread separation link to the gum strip defect based on “suspicion.”

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