Cerebral Palsy

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Cerebral palsy is a disorder of movement or coordination caused by an abnormality of the brain. More than 80% of people with cerebral palsy develop it either before they are born, during birth or before they are one month old. In many instances, the cause of the brain abnormality is unknown, although many cases are due to insufficient amounts of oxygen reaching a newborn or fetal brain. Cerebral palsy affects 1 or 2 of every 1,000 infants and is characterized by spasticity, paralysis and poor muscle control.

There are four types of cerebral palsy:
  • Ataxic-coordination is poor and voluntary muscular movements are shaky. Ataxic cerebral palsy occurs in 10 percent of children with the disorder. An ataxic cerebral palsy attorney may help you know your legal rights.
  • Choreoathetoid-muscles spontaneously move slowly without normal control. This occurs in 20 percent of children with cerebral palsy.
  • Spastic-the muscles are stiff and weak. Spastic cerebral palsy occurs in 70 percent of children with the disorder.
  • Mixed-Two of the above types are combined.

About half of the people who have cerebral palsy, which is incurable, need to use devices such as braces, walkers, or wheel chairs to help them remain mobile, and almost 70% have other disabilities, primarily mental retardation. Depending on the severity of their disability, people with cerebral palsy may need specialized medical care, educational and social services, and other help throughout their lives from both their families and communities.

A study of the extra economic costs associated with cerebral palsy and 17 other birth defects, such as Down syndrome and spina bifida, showed that cerebral palsy had the highest lifetime costs per new case ($503,000 in 1992 dollars). Half of these costs are borne by families, who often find it difficult to obtain all the services they need to help their children.

Recently, the Federal government warned of the resurgence of kernicterus as a cause of cerebral palsy. Kernicterus may occur to newborns who suffer from jaundice. Your doctor's failure to properly treat jaundice may be malpractice. A cerebral palsy treatment lawyer may help you with your legal rights.

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