Car and SUV Roof Integrity

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Auto roof integrity is a major factor contributing to the survivability of an auto accident. The importance of a well-designed and manufactured roof became apparent in the early 1970s. In 1973 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued Standard 216, known as the "Roof Crush Resistance" standard. The purpose of the standard "is to reduce deaths and injuries due to the crushing of the roof into the passenger compartment in rollover accidents." Many deaths and injuries associated with automobile rollovers occur when the roof fails to maintain its shape and crushes the occupant. In order to prevent such tragedies, the roof has to be strong enough to resist severe compression when the car rolls over. Unfortunately, some automobile manufacturers have failed to produce cars with adequately designed and installed roofs. As a result, many otherwise minor and survivable automobile accidents have left car occupants severely injured or dead.

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