Camptosar / Irinotecan Hydrochloride

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Camptosar is a medication used to treat colorectal cancer. It is manufactured by Pharmacia Corp. and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2000. Camptosar has been approved as a first-line treatment for colorectal cancer patients, and is used in combination with three other drugs, fluorouracil, irinotecan, and leucoverin. The combination of these drugs may create side effects such as, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, a depletion of white blood cells, and blood infections.

Recently, two independent studies suspended enrollment of new patients due to alarming new information about the drug combinations. New studies show "an unexpectedly high rate of death" associated with Camptosar.

A spokesperson for Pharmacia stressed that over 15,000 patients have been treated with Camptosar since its approval, and all of the company's studies show that Camptosar can prolong life.

See your doctor if you have experienced serious side effects associated with Camptosar. In addition, it may be important to contact an attorney who can help you protect your legal rights. Please keep in mind that there may be time limits within which you must commence suit.

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