Bedsores / Decubitus Ulcer

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Bedsores, also known as skin ulcers, pressure sores, decubitus ulcers, dermal ulcers, or pressure ulcers, typically occur in areas where bones project outward on the skin, such as the lower back, buttock area, and ankles. Bedsores develop when the blood flow to these areas is reduced or cutoff. Such an interruption in blood flow often occurs in bedridden or otherwise immobilized people. When pressure (from a bed, gurney, wheelchair, or other object) is applied to a susceptible area for a long period of time, the blood supply that nourishes the skin cells is discontinued and the skin subsequently dies. This dying tissue may become a decubitus ulcer.

Decubitus ulcers are more likely to occur in immobilized people whose skin is irritated by poor bedding conditions including extended contact with feces and / or urine. The best treatment is to altogether prevent bedsores. Special beds may help. Shifting the immobilized person as often as every two hours may also prevent bedsores.

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