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Barium is a silvery-white metal found in nature. It occurs combined with other chemicals such as sulfur or carbon and oxygen. These combinations are called compounds. Barium compounds can also be produced by industry.

Barium compounds are used by the oil and gas industries to make drilling muds. Drilling muds make it easier to drill through rock by keeping the drill bit lubricated. They are also used to make paint, bricks, tiles, glass, and rubber.

A barium compound (barium sulfate) is sometimes used by doctors to perform medical tests and to take barium-rays of the stomach.

Exposure to barium occurs mostly in the workplace or from drinking contaminated water. Ingesting high levels of barium can cause problems with the heart, stomach, liver, kidneys, and other organs. This chemical has been found in at least 649 of 1,416 National Priorities List sites identified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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