Automobile Accidents & Motorcycle Accidents

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Automobile accidents and motorcycle accidents routinely cause catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death to thousands people on our nation's roadways every year. They are, in fact,  the leading cause of death for those under the age of thirty-four.

Many victims, or their survivors, can be faced with devastating medical expenses or lost income,  the recovery of which can only be obtained through a personal injury lawsuit  with the assistance of a qualified automobile accident lawyer.

In 2005 alone, over 43,300 people died in highway accidents nationwide. That equates to over 115 fatalities per day. The economic costs of these accidents is staggering: over $150 billion per year. Unfortunately, during your lifetime you are statistically likely to suffer some type of personal injury from at least one auto accident. You should know what to do in order to protect yourself and your legal rights.

As far as your injuries are concerned, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. If treatment is delayed, the defendant may argue that it was not his negligent driving that caused your injury, but rather something that occurred between the time of the accident and your visit to the doctor.

If you have been seriously injured in an automobile accident it may be important to contact a automobile accident lawyer  who can help you protect your legal rights. In addition, if you would like to learn more about defective automobiles, automobile parts and other motor vehicles, please see our section dealing specifically with those issues or update yourself on our many automobile accident articles.

Automobile accident lawyers associated with will evaluate your case free of charge. In addition, you will not pay any fees or costs unless your attorney recovers money for you by judgement or settlement. Please click on the free Ask An Attorney button to take advantage of this valuable service.

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