Protopic Eczema Topical Ointment

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Protopic Eczema Topical Ointment

Protopic is the prescription brand for the chemical tacrolimus, a topical cream manufactured by Astellas Pharmaceuticas and approved by the FDA for use in 2000. Protopic is indicated for the treatment of eczema. In January of 2006 the FDA approved a new black box warning to advise of the serious risk of cancer posed by continued use of Protopic over a sustained period of time.

It should only be used as a last resort in treating eczema, as the ointment has been tested and shown to be linked to certain types of lymphatic cancers. Protopic cream suppresses the immune system, and this is potentially the reason for its cancer-causing agency. The drug is a nonsteroidal topical cream, and although causation has not been established between the topical cream and cancer, there is a correlation between the two.

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