Motor Scooter Accidents

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Motor Scooter Accidents'''

 Motorscooters have become an extremely fashionable but deadly means of transportation all over the world lately.  Most people do not realize unfortunately that scooters are classified as motor vehicles and must conform to highway regulations.  They are typically regulated by state law and must conform to state code on motorcycle or moped laws, and are subject to many of the same laws as automobiles.

Accidents frequently take place when scooter drivers think they are not bound by similar laws that other drivers are bound by.  Motor scooters, also more commonly known in the U.S. as mopeds, are predominantly purchased by teenagers who seldom have a valid driver’s license.  Licensed drivers have a certain amount of training behind the wheel of a car before actually getting in a car and driving by oneself.  This is not the same for someone who purchases a motor scooter, who can easily go out and purchase a motor scooter with little fanfare.  Motor scooters are cheap, allowing easy accessibility for unqualified drivers.

In order to be safe, scooter drivers must consider themselves as invisible to other traffic; a scooter driver cannot assume that other drivers will see them.  It’s important to distinguish the scooter from go-karts, ATV’s, and similar vehicles, which typically do not get out into the open traffic like scooters do. If you have been injured as a result of a motor scooter accident then you should consult with an attorney to see what your options are.  InjuryBoard attorneys are handling scooter cases now, and we'll review yours today free of charge.  Please fill out the form on your right hand side to speak to an InjuryBoard lawyer today.  Please remember that there are time limitations within which you must commence your suit.


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