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Interferon alfa / Intron-A Information

Updated September 2007- Interferon alfa is produced by the immunesystem to zero in on viruses, tumors, and bacteria invading the body.  Interferon alfa is available by prescription only and is sold under the name Roferon-A and Intron-A.  The FDA approved interferon alfa for use in March, 1997.

Interferon-alfa is available an injection administered into the muscle or under the skin to prevent tumors from growing inside the body.  The drug itself is in a class of synthetic proteins called biological response modifiers, which treat several different kinds of cancer cells ranging from hairy cell leukemia to Kaposi‚Äôs sarcoma.

Because of its ability to enhance the immune system, interferon alfa is FDA-approved to treat several other cancers. While especially effective in the treatment of leukemia, interferon alfa has been evaluated in treating multiple sclerosis as well.  Interferon alfa is used in the treatment of malignant melanoma and chronic hepatitis C.

There are significant side effects in nearly half of all interferon alfa patients, varying from flu-like symptoms to muscle tenderness and dysphoria.  These symptoms abate over time with continuous exposure to interferon alfa.

Depression and suicidal thoughts are common side effects of patients on interferon alfa.  If you are experiencing any of these side effects, seek help immediately.

In 2007, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices and the Division of Public Health Sciences, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, conducted a longitudinal Adverse Events Reporting System Review of the U.S. FDA's most dangerous drugs. The study found interferon alfa to be one of the most dangerous drugs on the market with some of the highest number of suspect drug events.  Interferon alfa had the thirteenth highest number of suspect drug events resulting in disability or some serious medical outcome, according to the FDA reports.  During the eight years of the dangerous drug study, interferon alfa was found to have over 4,100 events.

If you are under treatment with interferon alfa and you are experiencing any unusual symptoms, you should speak to your physician immediately.  In addition, you should speak with an attorney to find out what your legal rights are.  Attorneys associated with InjuryBoard are currently reviewing cases involving interferon alfa, and will review your case free
of charge.

Please click on the Ask an Attorney button the right hand side of the page to speak with an attorney today.  Remember that there are time limits within which you must bring suit.

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