Estradiol Patch

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Estradiol Patch

Estradiol skin patches are a natural estrogen transdermal system that deliver a natural hormone (estradiol) used to maintain normal female function. Distributed by a variety of manufacturers, transdermal estradiol gel is effective in reducing the frequency and severity of hot flashes in postmenopausal women. The medication is designed to maintain normal female functions with chemicals normally produced by the ovaries. Estradiol improves female function in women with hormonal imbalance or problems with their ovaries as well, and generally helps to relieve the symptoms of menopause.

Estradiol transdermal patch use has resulted in very serious boils and rashes and potentially life-threatening infections in some patients. If you have problems with circulation, if you have specific allergies or dermatitis, then you may wish to consider alternative hormone therapies.

Aditionally, if you have been injured as a result of an Estradiol patch then you should consult a specialist. You may wish to have an attorney review your case. InjuryBoard lawyers currently are reviewing Estradiol cases and will review yours free of charge. Please be advised that there are time constraints within which you must commence your suit.

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