Depleted Uranium Questions in Hawaii

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Updated 2007- Many residents of the state of Hawaii have expressed their consternation about the levels of depleted uranium around Schofield barracks firing range on the island of Oahu. The army discovered in 2006 the existence of several DU tail assemblies at Schofield. Although the army vehemently denies that any DU ordnance has been discharged recently on Hawaii and that there are no plans to discharge any in the future, the army’s credibility is very low with residents of Hawaii. Depleted uranium was used on Hawaii by soldiers in the 1960s in practice drills.

Many Hawaiians believe that the army’s Stryker assault vehicles, currently in use on Hawaiian military installations, have long since been firing DU ordnance rounds in practice drills on the island. The Stryker is a large, armored assault vehicle used by the army as a transport, and is capable of firing a variety of DU armor-piercing ammunition.

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