Auto Accidents Caused by Cell Phones & PDAs

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Updated June 2007- Since the popularity of wireless phones skyrocketed over the last decade, over 220 million Americans own wirless phones and pda's. While wireless organizers (known as cell or mobile phones, Blackberry units) have fundamentally changed the way we communicate, the devices raise serious driver safety concerns.

About 80% of wireless phone users admit to using the devices while driving. A 2005 study released by the quarterly Human Factors estimated that annually, 330,000 drivers are involved in serious automobile accidents while using the devices, and 2,600 deaths occur due to cell phone distraction.

A 2006 NHTSAstudy identified cell phone distraction as the greatest factor involved in driver auto accidents. While hands-free driving using bluetooth technology reduced eye-hand distraction, the study found that people using mobile phones are inattentive: drivers essentially look at, but do not see, oncoming traffic.   

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