2004 I-95 Maryland Tanker Truck Accident

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At approximately 3:00 p.m. on January 13, 2004, a tanker truck hauling flammable liquid was traveling southbound on I-895 in Elkridge, Maryland approaching the point where it crosses over I-95 toward the merge with the southbound lanes of I-95. The tanker truck struck and overrode the outside concrete Jersey barrier of the overpass and fell onto the northbound lanes of I-95. Initial scrape marks on the Jersey barrier are about 50 to 60 feet before the point where the truck left the roadway.

The tanker truck landed perpendicular to the lanes on I-95, which resulted in collisions with several other vehicles, including a tractor-box trailer, a tractor-flatbed trailer, a sedan and a pickup. All vehicles were severely burned in the resulting fire. At least four people died in the accident.

In order to be able to prepare a computerized simulation of the accident, Safety Board investigators this week took additional measurements at the accident site, of the tank truck wreckage and of an exemplar truck. In the coming weeks, the data will be fed into a computer program and turned into a three-dimensional graphic depiction of what might have happened to the tank truck in the moments before the accident.

Several parties were added to the Safety Board's team over the weekend. The complete list of parties - organizations that provide the Board with expertise during the inquiry - to the NTSB investigation includes the Maryland State Police; Maryland Transportation Authority Police; Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration; Federal Highway Administration; National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; Petro Chemical Transport, Inc.; and Citgo.

The team members will be wrapping up their on-scene work today and returning to their home bases of Washington, D.C.; Atlanta, Georgia and Arlington, Texas.

Investigations take about a year to complete but safety recommendations may be issued at any time.

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