Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries and illnesses continue to be a major concern for employees and their families.  These injuries, illnesses, and fatalities take a toll on the family.  If you cannot work due to an injury or illness, what are you going to do for money and benefits?  How is your family going to financially survive this crisis?  Even though this article will help you to understand what you can do to prevent an accident, it will also walk you through the process of what to do if you were in an accident and how you can get compensated for your injuries.

An injury or illness is considered work related if an event or exposure in the workplace caused or contributed to the condition or even if it significantly aggravated a pre-existing condition.  It is important to know what to do in the event of a workplace accident or illness.  It can affect you and your family in numerous ways if you are unable to work as you no longer will be making a salary.  If you were injured in the workplace, it can be a very confusing time.  This article will provide helpful information so you know what your options are if you are involved in a workplace accident or you find yourself battling an illness received caused in the workplace.

Given the prevalence of workplace injuries and illnesses, we have gathered the following information to help you stay safe in the workplace.  To help you stay safe and prevent future workplace accidents and illnesses, this useful information is broken down into the following five articles:

In each of these articles you will find expert analysis, key strategies, and bottom line advice to help you navigate through the challenging and often confusing process from the scene of the accident all the way to a successful resolution of all the issues that come from even a simple workplace injury.   By reading and putting this information into practice you will be well on your way to keeping your family safe while making the best possible decisions in situations when an accident or injury has already occurred.


How to Stay Safe and Avoid Workplace Injury

Find out how to avoid workplace injuries and learn practical steps to that will keep you safer at work

Accidents in the Workplace

Learn more about common workplace injuries and the first things you should do when an accident happens

Medical Issues and Workplace Injuries

Discover more about the medical process following a workplace accident and practical steps you should take when you've been hurt

Legal Issues and Workplace Injuries

Explore the legal process that deals with workplace injuries and learn more about your legal rights

Safety and Prevention

Learn more about the Workers Compensation Insurance system and how it's designed to protect you when you are injured on the job