Tractor Trailer Accidents

The Trucking Industry is an invaluable resource to the United States economy, creating an estimated revenue of 255.2 billion dollars a year.  Tractor-trailers allow companies to transport important commodities like grocery items, construction supplies, and business equipment in an efficient manner.  Current statistics show an estimated 3.3 million truckers operate on our nation’s highways, many of whom own their own trucks and work as independent contactors.  Many companies, such as shipping companies and supermarkets, rely on trucking for the most vital parts of their business.

Our reliance on the trucking industry comes with a great cost - roadway accidents.  Many truck drivers suffer from issues with fatigue, overloaded schedules, even drug issues, and recent statistics show that more than 144,000 trucks were involved in accidents in the span of one year.  More importantly, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s 2007 statistics showed nearly 4200 trucks were involved in fatal traffic accidents.  And while many national and state studies do not take fault into account when reporting truck accident data, the state of Oregon released statistics revealing truck drivers were at fault in 50 percent of that state's 2008 truck crashes. Studies also show most of the deaths or injuries in such accidents happen to the non-commercial driver.  These statistics highlight the dangers and issues of auto accidents involving large trucks.

Although it is difficult to prevent a tractor-trailer accident, traffic experts say drivers can take certain critical steps to safeguard themselves. has gathered important information to help you and your family stay safe and avoid accidents with tractor trailers, and if you have been involved or injured in an accident, you can learn more about medical claims, property damage, insurance, and legal issues that may arise as a result.

The information in this Help Center has been arranged into the following sections:

In each of these articles you will find expert analysis, key strategies, and bottom line advice to help you stay safe and navigate through the challenging process from the scene of the accident all the way to a successful resolution of all the issues that come from even a minor tractor-trailer accident.

How to Stay Safe and Avoid a Tractor-Trailer Accident

Learn practical steps to keep your family safe and how to avoid accidents while on the road

What To Do When An Accident Happens

Find out what to do when a tractor-trailer accident happens and how to get the help you need

Medical Issues

Discover what to expect from doctors and hospitals and learn more about post-accident issues that may arise

Insurance Issues

Make sure you're properly covered and learn more about the different types of coverage available

Legal Issues and Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Explore the legal issues surrounding Tractor-Trailer Accidents and learn how to get the help you need


7 Steps to Take at the Scene of an Accident

1.  Assess your own injuries first
2.  Check passengers and other vehicles for injuries
3.  Get safely off the road -- avoid secondary accidents
4.  Get the medical attention you need on the scene
5.  Report facts when asked -- if confused or upset, wait to give a statement
6.  Contact your insurance agent or agency
7.  Collect as much information as possible while still on the scene


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