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While most people agree that motorcycles can be dangerous, recent statistics involving motorcycle accidents, injuries, and fatalities are, in fact, startling.  Each year, more than 2,200 people are killed and more than 55,000 are injured in motorcycle accidents.  According to recent reports, nearly 80% of motorcycle accidents result in death (compared to 20% of motor vehicle accidents).  More concerning is the fact that motorcycle fatalities are actually on the rise with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reporting an almost 10% increase in motorcycle fatalities between 2003 and 2007.  In short, motorcycle accidents cause serious injuries and often lead to loss of life. 

Motorcycle riders face special concerns when sharing the roads with automobiles.  Because they are more physically exposed while riding, motorcyclists are also more susceptible to injury than automobile drivers.  Motorcycle riders can combat this increased risk of injury by taking safety precautions geared specifically towards them such as wearing helmets, gloves, and other protective gear, learning specific motorcycle riding techniques, and becoming aware of insurance coverage that fits the specific needs of motorcycle owners. 

Given the need for increased safety and the serious consequences of all motorcycle accidents and injuries, InjuryBoard has gathered the following information to help you and your family stay safe and protect yourselves from the physical, emotional, and financial struggles that result from motorcycle accidents.  With this information, you will be able to make better choices when insuring, equipping, and riding your motorcycle. 

To help you stay safe and learn more, the valuable information in this Help Center is broken down into the following five easy to understand articles: 

  • Staying Safe and Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents
  • The Helmet Law Debate
  • At the Scene of an Accident
  • Medical Issues
  • Insurance and Legal Issues 

In each of these articles you will find expert analysis, key strategies, and bottom line advice to help you navigate the challenging and complex circumstances surrounding motorcycle accidents.   By reading and putting this information into practice you will be well on your way to keeping your family safe while making the best possible decisions in situations when an accident or injury has already occurred.

Safety and Prevention

Learn how you can develop riding skills and other ways to stay safe and avoid accidents

The Helmet Law Debate

Explore both sides of the most controversial issue in motorcycle safety -- mandatory helmet laws

At the Scene

Learn what to do to protect yourself and others at the scene of a motorcycle accident

Medical Issues

Explore common injuries and learn how medical, insurance, and legal issues all meet when an accident happens

Insurance & Legal Issues

Get tips on properly insuring your bike and learn the legal issues you need to know when you've been hurt

Rising Motorcycle Deaths

5 Tips For Riding Safely

1. Be Aware of Blind Spots on Cars and Trucks
2. Flash Your Brake Lights When Slowing or Stopping
3. Wear a Helmet and Leather or Other Thick, Protective Clothing
4. Give Yourself Space and Time to Respond to Other Motorists
5. Give Other Motorists Space and Time to Respond to You

Source: Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)

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