Motorcycle Accidents: Insurance and Legal Issues

Motorcycle accidents can create major problems that go far beyond the property damage of the rider’s bike.  We have already examined the extensive medical issues that can arise from motorcycle collisions.  We will now present some of the insurance and legal issues that may come up.

Because InjuryBoard realizes that insurance issues and legal issues may become intertwined and confusing, we have put together the best information available to help you decide how to set up your insurance policy to avoid problems and how to proceed legally after an accident.

Insurance Issues

As we mentioned in our “Medical Issues” article, you should consider several factors when obtaining your motorcycle insurance policy.  Most people take into account short-term medical and health expenses, such as hospital and surgery bills.  However, many people neglect to account for ongoing medical expenses such as follow-up physician visits, prescriptions, rehabilitation fees, and ongoing injuries.  These expenses can become more costly than the initial fees for medical treatment.

Properly Insuring Your Motorcycle

One of the absolute most crucial points InjuryBoard conveys regarding motorcycles is obtaining the correct insurance.  Many riders overlook the importance of insurance or under-insure their motorcycles.  According to our experts, most motorcyclists are, in fact, under-insured, and this can be a recipe for disaster.

Motorcycle owners must not only insure their own vehicles, but they must also be aware of the possibility that other drivers may be under-insured.  A motorcycle insurance policy must be sufficient to cover more than the cost of repairing or replacing your motorcycle.  When obtaining insurance, you must also consider possible medical expenses in the case of an injury and lost wages in the unfortunate event that injuries render you unable to work.  At first, a $100,000 policy may seem sufficient, but what happens if your injuries leave you unable to work for two months?  How will you earn money?

Experts have suggested that motorcycle owners carry Comprehensive Umbrella Coverage that not only covers the rider, but also an under-insured or uninsured driver with whom the insurance policy carrier may get into an accident.  This policy should provide coverage for at least one million dollars.  While this amount may seem excessive, bear in mind that the policy likely costs only ten to fifteen dollars more per month than you’re already paying for insurance.

Another common concern is how riders can recover the cost of accessories they add to the motorcycle after purchase.  Many riders equip their motorcycles with expensive chrome accessories or custom exhausts and wish to recover both the cost of add-ons, as well as, the cost of the motorcycle.  When insuring their motorcycles, owners must take into account the additional value of the accessories.

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KEY STRATEGY – When it comes to insurance coverage for your motorcycle, remember to expect the best, but prepare for the worst.  That way, you will have adequate financial support no matter what happens.

Legal Issues

Some people who have been involved in a motorcycle accident question whether they should hire an attorney to represent them.  An accident victim may feel reluctant to hire an attorney to submit an insurance claim because of the legal fees he or she would incur.  At InjuryBoard, we recommend that you place legal issues in the hands of experts.  By doing this, you are likely to reduce your stress level and emerge from the situation with a more favorable outcome. 

Most laypersons have no knowledge regarding how to properly submit an insurance claim to guarantee that they receive the full benefits to which they are entitled.  Many people file a claim on their own, without an understanding of what questions they should ask or to whom they should speak.  An attorney can help with this. 

Additionally, an attorney can provide insight as to all the relevant claims you should file.  Accidents sometimes leave victims permanently injured, rendering them unable to work.  In some cases, a victim is unable to maintain deep relationships with friends and family.  An inexperienced layperson may not know that he or she has a right to file claims for loss of experience with friends and family due to an accident.  You are entitled to compensation for deprivation of relationships and experiences, but you must know how to properly ask for this compensation in order to receive it.

Next, an attorney can help you to personalize your claim.  Insurance companies process many, many claims each year.  You have a greater chance of emerging with a favorable outcome if you can demonstrate to the insurance company that you are a unique individual with a unique set of circumstances.  By making your claim distinctive from all the other claims, the insurance company is more likely to view you as a multi-dimensional human being instead of merely a number. 

While it is true that attorneys charge fees for their work in preparing insurance claims, you will almost certainly benefit from hiring an attorney to submit your insurance claim.  An internal insurance company study showed that on average, insurance companies pay 2.1 times more on claims filed by attorneys than claims filed by laypersons.  In other words, if you hire an attorney with the experience and skill required to file a proper claim, you may actually receive from your insurance settlement more than you would have received if you had filed the claim by yourself – even after fees and expenses.  Because his or her payment is contingent upon your award or settlement, your attorney is properly motivated to make sure that you receive as significant and as fair a settlement as possible.  By taking advantage of your attorney’s expertise, you will likely safe time, energy, and money.

KEY STRATEGY – Although you might sacrifice part of your insurance settlement by hiring an attorney to process your claim, you will likely benefit from the attorney's work by saving time, energy, and receiving a larger settlement award from the insurance company.

Although the information we present on this website is designed to help shed light on the often complex legal and procedural issues arising out of elder abuse and neglect, please remember that there will be times when it’s best to consult with a legal expert regarding your situation. While this site provides good general information, an attorney can provide legal advice tailored to your situation and help guide you personally to a favorable outcome.

As a nationwide network of independent attorneys and law firms focused on personal injury law, the member-attorneys of InjuryBoard are available to assist you with a completely free and secure review of your case. If you have additional questions about your case, we encourage you to learn more about InjuryBoard and let us connect you with an InjuryBoard Attorney Member practicing near you.

Please remember that hiring an attorney is an extremely important decision and you should take care in choosing one that’s right for you. By using the information found on this website, combined with the legal advice of an attorney, you should be well on your way keeping your family safe and resolving any nursing home and elder abuse issues.

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